Cell Phone/Electronic Devices


Definition of a Personal Communication Device: A device that emits an audible signal, vibrates, displays a message, or otherwise summons or delivers a communication to the possessor. This includes smart watches, earbuds, or any other wearable technology that can transmit and/ or receive an electronic signal.  A personal communication device stored in a vehicle on school grounds is not considered to be in the possession of the student.


  • Students are not allowed to have a cell phone visible at any time through the school day.  All Phones must be in the student’s backpack or other bag.  It is the SOLE responsibility of the student to silence or turn off their device and have his/ her phone in its designated area.

  • No student shall access their cell phone at any time during school hours.  School hours begin the moment the student walks into the building and will end when the student exits the building.  This includes in the hallways, between classes, at lunch, during Viking Time, etc.

  • A student’s refusal to put away (i.e. in backpack or other bag) a cell phone out of view, will be considered Gross Insubordination (Category III offense), resulting in OSS.

  • Students who have phones in backpacks are responsible for having their phones turned off or otherwise silenced so that incoming calls or texts will not cause a disturbance.

  • Students are responsible for phones in their possession. Consideration is not given regarding whether the phone is theirs or if the use was accidental. 

  • The taking of photos or the recording of videos, whether by cell phone or any other device, is prohibited.  

  • Using phone cameras to record altercations on school grounds or at school events is prohibited. In such cases, phones may be confiscated as evidence and consequences will be assigned. Consequences may be the same for the person who records an altercation as those involved in the altercation. 

  • The use of cell phones for cheating is strictly prohibited. Accessing the internet via cellular hotspot within the school building is not allowed.

Electronic Devices

Use of cell phone or other personal communication device during the school day IS NOT ALLOWED. This includes smart watches, earbuds, or any other wearable technology that can transmit and/ or receive an electronic signal.


*Refusal to follow assigned consequence will result in Gross Insubordination.


*Parents will be notified of disciplinary action taken against student.

During Instructional Time

1stTeacher reminds student of policy. Office Referral**

2nd– Office Referral, Lunch Detention**

3rd– Office Referral, (1) One Day ISS**

4th– Office Referral, (2) Two Days ISS**

5th– Office Referral, (3) Three Days ISS**

6thand On– Office Referral for Gross Insubordination**


**Parent contact/ involvement.


During Non-Class Time

Teachers have many responsibilities throughout the school day and cannot personally attend to every issue that arises.

Thus, teachers who see a student on their phone outside of class time shall obtain their name and write up the student to administration.

The administration will then carry out the same discipline policy as previously stated.

Repeat offenses will be considered Gross Insubordination.



Student’s refusal to follow directives of


1st-- **Min. One (1) Day OSS

2nd-- OSS ** Possible Remand Alt. Program

Repeat offenses – OSS**


**Parent and SRO involvement

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