About Us

Vision Statement

  • To perpetuate academic excellence through a compassionate and rigorous learning environment.
  • To promote an active partnership of service with the community;
  • To produce students who exemplify VIKING PRIDE: Students with
  • Vision, Integrity, Knowledge, and Independence for the Next Generation, and who demonstrate Personal Responsibility IDaily Effort.

Belief Statements

We believe that:

  • A secure and disciplined school is imperative.
  • A safe, clean, and physically comfortable environment enhances learning.
  • Each student is a unique and valued person who can learn, achieve, and succeed.
  • There should be mutual respect among all members of the learning community.
  • The entire community shares responsibility for the school’s mission.
  • Higher expectations foster greater success.
  • Diverse educational practices and assessments promote learning and achievement.
  • Excellence is worth the commitment.


Tennessee High School has approximately 1,154 students enrolled for this school year.


There are 5 administrators, 81 teachers, 2 librarians, 10 instructional assistants, and 4 counselors.


The Bristol, Tennessee Public School System was organized in April of 1888; the Baptist Academy on Anderson Street was rented for the girls' school, and the boys attended school in an old building on the corner of Anderson and Tenth Streets that was commonly referred to as the "Cornfield Academy." In 1893, the first new public school building was built on Fifth Street next to King College. Grades four through ten were taught in the school, which employed seven teachers and one principal. The younger children continued to attend school at the "Cornfield Academy" on Anderson Street. In 1916, a new building was built on Alabama Street and became the first official Tennessee High School, then a four year high school. In 1939, the initial portion of the present-day Tennessee High School including the Stone Castle was built on Edgemont Avenue. Since that time additions have been added at roughly ten-year intervals, the most recent being when the entire complex was completely renovated and Viking Hall, an 8,000 seat arena, was added to the facility in 1977.

Class Night Tradition

Tennessee High School's strong sense of tradition has been a source of pride since the earliest days of the school. One of the oldest and most treasured traditions at Tennessee High is Class Night. Just as the school is unique in that it is the only high school in the state that bears the name "Tennessee," it is also unique in that it is the only school which celebrates the traditional "Class Night" ceremony. Class Night is the formal ceremony during which the "senior authority," the symbols and traditions of the school, are passed down to the juniors from the graduating seniors. On that night, the shield, which represents the honor of the school, and the axes, which represent strength and power, are passed on to the new senior class.

 Operating Procedures
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