CTE Welcomes Eighth Graders

CTE Welcomes Eighth Graders
Posted on 02/28/2024
CTE 8th Grade Night

Tennessee Middle School eighth graders and their parents explored Tennessee High's Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs during a visit to the high school on February 21. This visit was eye opening for many students, showcasing a range of classes and career paths available in high school. From veterinary science to automotive technology and welding, the CTE department at Tennessee High is a hub of diverse and practical learning opportunities.

Madison Moore, a senior at Tennessee High, demonstrated the calf simulator in the veterinary science program. The simulator trains students in esophageal feeding tube procedures, heart checks, and even administering vaccinations. Madison’s dedication to the field is evident, and her experience with the simulator is a testament to the hands-on learning approach of the CTE department. Her skills and knowledge gained at Tennessee High will be invaluable as she enters a pre-veterinary program next year in college. 

In the automotive technology program, Isaac Frye, another senior, introduced the eighth graders to the tools of the trade, including a torque wrench, an impact wrench, and a multimeter. He enthusiastically explained how these tools are used for car maintenance and repair. Isaac also shared about the program’s first car show. Among the 15 cars in the show were a Mustang, a Corvette, and a Jeep that was in a Las Vegas show.

“With that Jeep, there was absolutely nothing on it that wasn’t modified,” Isaac said. “For the cars in the show, it was about taking something as it was and modifying it and making it something new and making it something you want; that's really the draw.”

Welding was another area of interest. Jacob VanValkenburg, also a senior, showcased various welding techniques and equipment. He explained the different types of welding, like TIG and stick welding, and demonstrated how each method is used in creating metal structures. Jacob's knowledge and passion for welding was evident.

“It is fun,” Jacob said. “It's a really satisfying thing to do, and you can make a lot of things."

These and the demonstrations from the other programs of study provided the visiting eighth graders with a glimpse into the engaging world of CTE. They not only saw the technical skills required in these fields but also heard firsthand from seniors their enthusiasm and about the real-world applications of their experiences.

This visit helped younger students make informed decisions about their future high school courses and potential career paths. Tennessee High's CTE department exemplifies the importance of practical, hands-on learning in preparing students for future success, whether in college, vocational training, or direct entry into the workforce.

Visit Tennessee High CTE online for more information about the programs of study!

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