Announcements in the Time of COVID

Announcements in the Time of COVID


Only the students will be allowed to attend the photo session. No one may accompany them.

Senior photos will be Wed-Friday (July 29-31) on the Viking Hall stage. Seniors and anyone with them will need to have their temperatures taken in the front office prior to photos. Seniors and anyone with them will need to wear a mask. Masks may be removed for photos. The cost for the session is $25.00 (cash or check to Lifetouch) or may be paid online prior to the session (see steps below). 

Seniors should have received an appointment card in the mail. Seniors may also go online to obtain appointment times and pre-pay.

Prepare for your session!

Follow these simple steps to view your 
appointment online TODAY!

1. Go online to
2. In the gray Confirm Your Portrait Session box choose locate your school.
3. Enter your city & state then select school.
4. Enter your first & last name and search.
Then you will be able to view, confirm, reschedule, or pay for your session online. 

If you have questions in reference to the appointment, you may contact the front office at 652-9494 or Mrs. Vickers ([email protected])

FRESHMEN ORIENTATION has been canceled
: To accommodate the extended deadline for the Academic Pathway Choice Survey, we have decided to cancel our Freshman Orientation originally scheduled for July 21st.

has been canceled due to Health Dept. safety recommendations.

ACT has officially closed the Tennessee High School site for the July 18 administration. Due to the high volume of test closures, ACT has yet to notify students through email. Students registered for the ACT on July 18 should receive notice of the cancellation soon. Any questions about the test closure should be directed to Tim Davis, the testing coordinator. He can be reached at [email protected].

All Students
:  Please check your school email and Canvas messages daily.  We don't want you to miss important information as it is pushed out.  Email:

Summer Reading ExpectationsAll students who take English classes at THS must complete a summer reading assignment.  Click on the document at your grade level to find the details of your English class's reading expectations.  Novels will be available for check out in the front office, Monday-Thursday, starting June 1st.
9th Grade Summer Reading Expectations
10th Grade Summer Reading Expectations
11th Grade Summer Reading Expectations
12th Grade Summer Reading Expectations

Graduation has been rescheduled for July 24 at 8 pm in the Stone Castle.  While we are excited and hopeful that our traditional ceremony will be able to take place and will include all those who want to celebrate our graduates, it may be necessary to adjust our plans or limit our number of guests per graduate based on public health guidance at the time.

  Those who cannot participate in graduation on July 24 are invited to a small group ceremony scheduled for June 4. Details will follow.

PromProm has been rescheduled for July 22.  This may be adjusted based on health guidance and social distancing recommendations at that time.

Awards Days:  If you missed the awards day videos, you can watch them here.
Underclassmen Awards
Senior Awards with Our Administrators
Senior Awards Summary

All Students:Our car lines were so successful, there will NOT be a MAKEUP day on Wednesday. Instead, come by the main office, 9 am - 12 pm to return library books, textbooks, uniforms, & laptops. You can also pickup your yearbook, Beta tassel, & NHS stole.

All Students: There will be scheduled times for students to pickup items and return obligations on May 11-12. You must come during the time schedule for your homeroom. See schedule HERE.   Makeup date is Wed., May 13, from 10 am to 2 pm.  Please read the instructions below to understand how things will proceed.


Reminders for Monday & Tuesday

  1. You will stay in your car and enter the car line at the main entrance. You will only be allowed to enter during the time set aside for your homeroom.
  2. With only 15 minutes per homeroom, we will need to move quickly, so as much as we miss each other, we will have to keep conversation to a minimum.
  3. Have a homemade tag hanging from your rearview mirror.Include your full name and your homeroom teacher’s name.If your parent is coming by to pick up your yearbook, they need to write PARENT at the bottom of the tag.If you’re picking up someone else’s yearbook, you need to write his/her name, his/her homeroom teacher, AND your name on the car tag.
  4. Bring all textbooks, class novels, library books, summer reading books, uniforms, scrubs, etc., and return them to the correct obligation table.If you have lost items and need to pay, please bring payment in the correct amount in an unsealed envelope. Write your name and what the obligation is on the outside of the envelope. If you are unsure of the amount, please email your teacher, homeroom teacher, or librarian.
  5. Yearbooks will be available for purchase and sold by grade level (starting with 12) until they run out.If you plan to buy one, please bring payment in the exact amount, $75, in an unsealed envelope. Make checks to THS and write the student name in the memo line.

    Seniors Only Reminders

  6. You will be returning your laptop unless you need it for a class like AP, dual-enrollment, bridge math, or summer classes.Bring your charger with the cord wrapped up by a rubber band (we will have some available if you don’t have one.) Bring your backpack cleaned out and completely empty.Make sure your laptop has been properly and completely shut down.
  7. There will be a table set up to pick up Beta tassels and NHS stoles. Please bring payment for your stole in the correct amount in an unsealed envelope with your name on the outside. They are 22.25.The cost of the Beta tassel was included in your dues, so you don’t need money for that. Make checks payable to THS & write name in memo line.
  8. Senior shirts-We are going to give these out on Monday as you go through the line.If you gave a size before spring break, we’ll have your shirt ready.If you did not, you’ll have to give a size to get your shirt.Shirts are FREE.
  9. Athletic uniforms need to be returned by all seniors.


Pre-purchased yearbooks may be picked up during the designated homeroom time on Monday and Tuesday, May 11 & 12.
*If you are picking up a pre-purchased yearbook, please write on a large piece of paper and in large letters the correct information, based on the following:
1. If you are a student picking up your yearbook, write your name and homeroom teacher's name on the paper.
2. If you are a parent picking up a yearbook, write the student's name, homeroom teacher's name, and PARENT on the paper.
3. If you are picking up for a friend, write his/her name, his/her homeroom teacher's name, and YOUR NAME on the paper.
**Tape this paper to the back of your rearview mirror.
Extra copies of yearbooks will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis, beginning with seniors and followed by juniors, sophomores, and freshman or until all copies are sold during the drive up homeroom procedure on Monday and Tuesday. Copies will be sold on Wednesday 10-2, as long as they are available.
*The cost for extra copies is $75.00 (cash/check).
*If paying by check, please write the student's name in the memo line.
*If paying cash, please place the cash (exact amount - $75.00) in an UNSEALED envelope, and write the student's name on the front of the envelope..

AP Students: Exams begin May 12.  You can find a testing schedule here, the 2020 Testing Guide here, and the AP exam checklisthere.

Seniors: This is the final reminder for you to complete your Senior Exit Survey in order to be recognized for scholarships earned at our Awards Day Ceremony. The last day to complete this form is Friday, May 8th, by 5:00 pm. The form will close at that time, and no further awards will be added to the script for recognition. Completing the Senior Exit Survey is required if you would like to be recognized for scholarships you will be accepting. This year, our Awards Day Ceremony will be be completely virtual and available for viewing on our THS Facebook on Thursday, May 14, by mid-afternoon. Be sure you or an adult in your household are following Tennessee High School on Facebook, so you will be notified when the ceremony is uploaded. If you have already completed the Senior Exit Survey you do not need to submit another. If you have received notification of additional scholarships that were not included in your original submission, you can email those to Ms. Slagle by the deadline above!  If you have any questions or if you would like to confirm that you have completed your Senior Exit Survey, please email Mrs. Slagle at [email protected]

Graduation has been rescheduled for July 24 at 8 pm in the Stone Castle.  While we are excited and hopeful that our traditional ceremony will be able to take place and will include all those who want to celebrate our graduates, it may be necessary to adjust our plans or limit our number of guests per graduate based on public health guidance at the time.

Scavenger Hunt Challenge: 
Solve the riddles HERE to find the related location or item. Then, take a picture proving you found it. Finally, create a way to prove that you found the item through a presentation software of your choice (PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides, etc.). The students with the most entries will be put in a drawing for a grand prize! Email entry to [email protected] by May 13. (With social distancing still being important, we advise that students only travel in vehicles with others from the same household.)

That Creative Quarantine Life:

—Your chace to win $50!!
—2 categories: 1 artistic and 1 singing/songwriting 
—Students can enter in one or both.
—Song contest may have partners but will share $50 prize.
—Both must be original creations.
—Art can take any form (photography, drawing, painting, etc).
—Song must be recorded and have lyrics provided.
—Limit one entry per person, per category.
—Two winners (one for each category) will win $50 each.
—Email entries for [email protected] by May 8th.

Seniors:  If you have a library book checked out, please return it asap.  There will not be any overdue fines.  There is a dropbox outside the main office during what are our current school hours, Monday-Friday, 9 am--12 pm.   You should have received a Canvas message letting you know if you have a book out. If you have lost your book, please email Ms. Hayes, [email protected].

Freshmen-Juniors:  You do not have to return your library books until AUGUST.  All students who return in August will not have to pay any fines.

Firecracker Squad: May 1 is the last day to sign up for the Firecracker Squad for the 2020-2021 school year!  Any current 8th, 9th, 10th, or 11th grade student who wants to join needs to email Ms. Anderson ([email protected]), Ms. Fleenor ([email protected]), or Mrs. Vance ([email protected]) for more information. No cheer experience required!

Seniors: The counseling department has put together an awesome checklist for you with lots of information and reminders for what you should do before graduation. --> Senior Check List

Seniors:  These scholarships have been added to the counseling website:  
Catherine B. Faucette, PTA Council Trade School Scholarship, Mitsui USA Scholarship, Maurine Hawkins Scholarship, PTSA Turtleson Scholarship, Earline Deweese Smith and Henry T. Smith Memorial Scholarship, and the Jeff Byrd Exceeding Expectations Scholarship.

Beta Seniors: 
Your gold tassel was included in your Beta dues. Ms. Hayes & Ms. Sauceman ordered these before spring break; however, it appears the Beta shop is behind on shipping due to COVID-19. We will announce on Canvas & social media when we have them and how you can get them.

NHS Seniors: Traditionally, NHS seniors wear an NHS stole over their gradation robe.  We would like to know who is interested in purchasing one.  They are $22.50 each. If this is cost-prohibitive, we will also over an option to borrow and return one. Once we know how many to order, we will place the order and then create a plan for you to pick up stools and drop off payments in the main office. Please complete this form by Friday, April 24, to let us know your intention:

Rising 10th & 11th graders
The application deadline for the Bristol Youth Leadership application has been extended to April 30. BYL is not requiring students to have a principal signature on the application & will take care of that section later. Application: 

Info on Student Communications and Exam Access

You will need access to your email or College Board account to take the 2020 AP Exams.
1. Check the email address you used to create your account on . You should regularly check this email address for the most recent information about their AP Exams.
2. Verify your College Board account at by clicking on your profile at the top right-hand corner of the page and going to "Account Settings." Scroll down to verify your information, and confirm that your email address is the one to which you'd like to receive the e-ticket to take your AP Exams. If it's not the correct email,
update it to an email you check regularly by clicking "Update."  TESTING SCHEDULE

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