Halloween Costume Guidelines

Halloween Costume Guidelines
Posted on 10/23/2023

Students will be permitted to dress up on Halloween. Please see the following rules regarding this:

  1. Daily dress code rules must be followed.
  2. Masks or facial coverings of any kind will not be permitted. 
  3. Props will not be permitted as part of a costume. 
  4. Cleats or spikes may not be worn.  
  5. No weapons, look alike weapons, spikes, chains, ropes, etc. may be brought to school.  (See rule 3)
  6. Make up, hair dye, head bands, hats, sunglasses, and wigs may be worn. (Sunglasses must be removed during class)
  7. Costumes must not prevent the student from full participation in class. 
  8. No fake blood/gore of any kind.
  9. You must arrive at school already dressed up.  Do not bring items to school to get ready. 
  10. Costumes that require fans or inflatable devices inside of them will not be permitted. 
  11. No hoods are allowed at any time. 
  12. Costumes must not depict any violence. You may not dress up as a violent character. 
  13. Administration reserves the right to ask any student to change out of a questionable costume.   
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